Aside from finding out which lucky girl stole Nick Viall’s heart on this season on “The Bachelor,” viewers excitedly await each year’s “Women Tell All” special, for the chance to find out all the gritty behind-the-scenes drama that didn’t make it to air.

But on Monday night (Feb. 6), a certain former contestant was banned from the stage, arriving to set only to be find herself hidden in the live audience: Brittany Farrar.

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Everyone knows the contracts people have to sign to become a part of Bachelor Nation are no small matter — keeping the outcome a secret for three months after filming is key to the show’s success. And while certain spoilers may be leaked on purpose by ABC or by Bachelor Svengali Reality Steve, who first revealed this news about Brittany, contestants are contractually obligated remain tight-lipped about anything that happened during filming…

And producers have zero tolerance for anyone breaking the rules, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

Aside from spoilers, contestant are apparently banned from publicly entering any sort of serious relationship before the season has wrapped, and the 26-year-old travel nurse from Santa Monica, CA learned this the hard way. Maybe she thought she only had to keep her new boyfriend a secret until she got knocked off the show? Because right after Brittany was sent packing, she started posting cute pictures of herself with her new man, Kyle Kriesel.

Now, Brittany didn’t last more than a few weeks on Nick’s cycle. She’s most memorable from the bridal photo episode, in which her barely there Adam & Eve outfit made Corinne so jealous, the now-booted villain stripped off her top — and substituted Nick’s hands during the shoot.

brittany farrar nick viall adam eve bachelor 1 Wheres Brittany? Why Nicks former Bachelor contestant was banned from The Women Tell All

Brittany left the show with her integrity intact, and then as luck would have it, she fell in love soon afterwards. Or so that’s what she wants us to believe…

Further digging into Kriesel’s Instagram reveals that the same pictures Brittany recently posted were first put posted on his account months before. It appears Brittany may have met Kriesel just before leaving to film “The Bachelor” — the first picture of the couple was posted over 18 weeks ago, while Nick’s season started filming the last week of September, 2016.

It’s hard to say exactly whether Brittany was in a relationship before heading onto the series, or if she truly did meet her boyfriend shortly after her Week 4 elimination — we don’t know how quickly things are filmed, but it’s safe to assume the way the series is edited into episodes and released on air vastly differs from the way it’s taped — and the timeline the eliminations actually happen.

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But if we give Brittany the benefit of the doubt, and accept that she arrived on “The Bachelor” for what we’re told are the right seasons, why is she being punished for being open about having a boyfriend, now that viewers know she’s out of contention for Nick’s heart? Because producers still want viewers questioning who moves on to “Bachelor in Paradise.” The announcements of that cast are doled out in small increments, to build up the hype. Producers know viewers can’t wait to find out which of their favorite contestants will be returning to find love on the spin-off series.

But the night before the “Tell All” live taping — the women’s last shot to make an impression worthy of their ticket to “Paradise” — Brittany makes it clear on her Twitter account that she has zero interest in continuing her reality TV presence with Bachelor Nation…

And if there was any further confusion of her current stance towards producers, she clears it up at the end of her rant — which reads upwards, of course — with these two very eloquent emojis.

brittany farrar tweets Wheres Brittany? Why Nicks former Bachelor contestant was banned from The Women Tell All

So… There you go.

“The Women Tell All” special airs Monday, March 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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