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Did Michelle Obama’s State of the Union dress look familiar? That’s because Juliana Margulies wore the same exact Michael Kors dress on “The Good Wife.” 
Many fashion bloggers picked up on the similar look, but most surprised was maybe “The Good Wife” costume designer Daniel Lawson. “I thought it was exciting and it was nice that Michelle Obama was wearing a suit that I had identified as putting across a feminine but strong powerful business woman feel, so it was kind of great to see that,” Lawson says to Entertainment Tonight. “You can’t help but look at the face with that suit so I thought it was very clever styling on [her styling team’s] part.”
Lawson goes on to say that he doesn’t know for sure if the First Lady actually checks “The Good Wife” for fashion ideas. It would make a lot of sense if she did though. Michelle Obama and Alicia have a lot in common. They’re both professional business women, juggling mother roles and import political positions — and they’re both from Chicago. 
However, when two people wear the same outfit, especially public figures the question has to be asked — who wore it better? Vote in our poll below. 

Posted by:Megan Vick