Why is CBS canceling ‘Mike & Molly’?

“Mike & Molly” is reliably funny and, with a big star in Melissa McCarthy, a show you would think the network would keep around even though CBS does not own it. And the show’s executive producers include Chuck Lorre, who is also behind CBS’ mega-hit “The Big Bang Theory” and other shows.

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But even though McCarthy has spoken of her commitment to the series, there is an ongoing fear that she could decide to just make movies. She has two out this spring and summer, “The Boss,” on April 7, and the new version of “Ghostbusters” in July.

As some reports have noted, CBS does not have a lot of spots with another half-hour comedy that could fit with “M&M,” and its recent attempts at new comedies have tended toward shows stylistically very different from “M&M.” It might fit well with “The Odd Couple,” but that’s another show CBS has not handled well. (It returned April 7.)

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And, again, there is a money issue. According to Deadline.com, after six seasons a show’s studio usually has to negotiate a new contract with a network and, at about the same time, work out new deals with the cast. When CBS was slow to discuss a new “M&M” deal with the studio, most of the cast contracts expired, leaving the actors free to look for other work — which any smart actor will do if he or she is not guaranteed an ongoing job. That would make it trickier to sign cast members if and when the show was finally renewed.

Anyway, “Mike & Molly” will be back, briefly, on Monday nights beginning April 25, and with back-to-back episodes on May 2, 9 and 16. That May 16 hour will be the series finale.

Posted by:Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal