Chris Potter and Catherine Bell in Hallmark's Good Witch's Wonder
To the dismay of many fans, Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” premiere revealed that Jake Russell (Chris Potter), the husband of main character Cassie Nightingale, had been killed off.

The show, which is a continuation of the network’s seven original “Good Witch” movies, still features Catherine Bell as Middleton’s charming and mysterious Cassie. Bell reveals that it was the great evil known as “scheduling conflicts” that prevented Potter’s Jake from returning to the “Good Witch” world.

“We all love Chris Potter, [but] he’s on another series, a Canadian show called ‘Heartland’ that he’s been on for a while,” Bell tells Zap2it. “And we tried very hard for months … but we couldn’t’ get him back from his other show.”
Once it became clear Potter wasn’t going to return to show, Bell and the rest of the “Good Witch” team had to start looking at other ideas. Then when it was decided that Jake would die — Bell promises that more will soon be revealed about how he passed away — it was all about honoring his memory and making sure he’s “respected and loved” within the context of the show.

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But listen up, “Good Witch” fans — Bell doesn’t want you to give up on Middleton just yet. In fact, she has a hunch — and fans know Cassie’s hunches are always right — that viewers will soon learn to love the show’s changes.

“For people who miss [Jake], I understand,” says Bell. “It wasn’t our first choice, but rather than not make a show at all, we decided to move forward and try and bring in some new people that would hopefully, in someway, make up for it. [It’s] not exactly the same, but hang in there, because I find that you’re going to really start loving these characters and they might start growing on you.”

“Good Witch” airs on Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

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