The character of Phil Miller (Will Forte) on “Last Man on Earth” isn’t always the most likable person — almost never — and at times fans completely hate the guy.

When Zap2it caught up with “Last Man” executive producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord at WonderCon they opened up about making Phil the show’s punching bag and if he will ever have a moment of redemption. 

“It’s not always going to be that way, there are changes, but I think it’s really cool that he’s able to let himself be the guy that you love to hate in some episodes,” Miller says. 
One thing is certain, whether Phil is letting cows loose, two-timing his wife or saying insensitive things, fans have extremely strong opinions on the show’s main character. 

“The Last Man on Earth” airs Sundays on FOX. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins