ABC is debuting a new drama, "Wicked City," on Tuesday (Oct. 27), with Jeremy Sisto ("Six Feet Under") playing Jack Roth, a homicide detective leading the search for the Sunset Strip Killer.

Sisto has played law enforcement roles before, in everything from "Law & Order" to "Kidnapped," but he tells Zap2it that the difference here is Roth is a character who is "particularly tortured" by the job.

"The show is called 'Wicked,' and the characters all have wicked layers to them," says Sisto. "You get to see the dark side of this detective's character ... [Roth] is someone who is particularly tortured -- a complex character with a lot of layers. He has a home life, a teenage daughter he has a great love for, aware of his own mortality and need to live on the edge. The tone of the show allows for a lot of surprises."

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"We can't wait to find out what's happening with everyone's character," he continues. "It's exciting ... a crime thriller that allows for dramatic surprises. Every actor wants that role in which you need to figure out how the brains work for the character."

"Wicked City" is definitely a thriller, with the premiere including some pretty racy sex scenes. Sisto's character has a steamy shower scene that he says he and his wife, Addie Lane, just decided she wouldn't watch.

"My wife averted her eyes ... she was quite good, I think this was first time that has ever needed to happen," Sisto says with a laugh. "We just decided it  would be better if she didn’t watch that one part."

"Wicked City" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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