dave carraro wicked tuna natgeo 'Wicked Tuna': Dave Carraro moonlights as a JetBlue pilot
When Dave Carraro isn’t plying the waters off Gloucester, Mass., looking for giant bluefin tuna on National Geographic Channel’s Sunday hit “Wicked Tuna,” he can be found flying the friendly skies above the U.S. East Coast as a pilot for JetBlue.
Which can make for some interesting reactions when he comes out of the cockpit in his pilot togs at flight’s end to thank passengers for flying his airline.
“I always say people are very good at facial recognition,” Carraro, a 49-year-old native of New Jersey, tells Zap2it. “They will look at me getting on and off the airplane and they won’t say anything but they’ll stare because I’m out of context. When I’m in my uniform, they’re just looking at my face. They know me from somewhere but they’re not sure where.”
“It’s pretty comical,” he continues. “because they’ll look at me the whole way up the aisle, they won’t say anything, and they’ll get off the airplane and then they’ll do a double-take. They’ll look back and they’ll either disappear up into the jet bridge or they’ll come back and say, ‘Now I know where I know you from.’ “
“Ten percent of people figure it out but they say, ‘I had no idea you were a pilot also.’ “
But if it’s Sunday night and “Wicked Tuna” was just playing on the on-board TV system, that rate goes up.
“Flight attendants that are in the back will tell me, ‘A lot of people are watching your show,’ ” the captain of the FV-Tuna.com says. “And when people get off the airplane at night, they have that fresh picture in their head of me on the TV, and then they’ll come up and say, ‘You were just on TV.’ It’s pretty cool.”
“When people recognize me, they’ll take a lot of pictures. So we’ll do it either in the galley or the flight deck or on the jet bridge.”
Posted by:George Dickie