When it was first announced that "The Voice" would be bringing some new blood in for Season 11, NBC got our attention. Naming Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus as the new coaches, however, felt like a huge shift for the show and really grabbed our interest. We love Alicia Keys as much as the next person, but our real question going into these new episodes was: How will Miley Cyrus do?

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So far, she's performed pretty well as coach. And we say that, not with the doubt that she'd make a good singing coach, but more with the assertion that this Miley is vastly different from the one pretending to masturbate in front of a sold out crowd just a few years ago.

But, when you take a step back and look at her behavior over the past few years, as it compared to her previous work as Hannah Montana, many may view this drastic change a genius move. Whether you agree with that stance or not, her presence on the NBC competition series represents a refreshing new direction as well as a demographic that may not have previously watched the show.

miley cyrus robin thicke Will The Voice allow Miley Cyrus to go a little crazy?

Yet, after Monday's (Sept. 26) episode ended, we're left wondering ... will NBC ever let Miley Cyrus go a little crazy? So far, she's been respectful, eloquent and patient with her choices and her criticisms. And while that's something we weren't quite expecting, it's working well in her favor.

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There is a large portion of "The Voice's" audience that may not be too familiar with her repertoire, aside from the outlandish things she has done on stage since leaving her Disney persona behind. But with her rose covered jacket, America is now getting a new look at Miley.

Is it possible she's simply reeling the audience in, just to hop on that wrecking ball when we least expect it? Hmm ... what is NBC's stance on impromptu twerking anyway?

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