william-h-macy-shameless-season-3 (1).jpgZap2it: What bands do you like?

William H. Macy: In the classic age of rock ‘n’ roll, I was everything from the Band to Zeppelin — all of it. I was very eclectic. I liked it all, and some weird stuff. And then I didn’t listen to a lot of music, all through disco and that stuff, and then I’m relatively out of it. And then I went through a period when I listened to only children’s music. That was about six years, or four years.

Zap2it: At the beginning of fatherhood, obviously.

William H. Macy: No, I never had any kids. I just got into children’s music. No, I’m kidding. So what am I listening to now? My standbys: Randy Newman, greatest thing that ever happened; Paul Simon, the other greatest thing that ever happened. Love Paul McCartney, so sue me. Other stuff: Wilco I like. White Stripes and all the stuff that Jack [White] has done, all the different bands he’s been in. I like a lot of that. Well, there you have it.

Zap2it: You’re a woodworker. What do you make?

William H. Macy: I have a nice shop. My dad was handy, and I picked it up from him. I’ve made some heirloom-quality furniture, heirloom-quality stuff. I usually try to work with someone who’s better than me, a real woodworker. I’m a hack. As a matter of fact, I’m the worst carpenter I’ve ever met, just about. Any mistake you can make, I do make. But I do have good tools, and I have the money that I can ruin a lot of lumber.

Posted by:George Dickie