Under the Dome series finale

The “Under the Dome” series finale reminded viewers at the onset that it’s only been four weeks since the dome came down — has it really only been four weeks? Feels interminable.

The final episode was a lot like many of the episodes of this show — the main characters fighting something, though in this case it was Dawn and the Kinship instead of Big Jim, and whiz kid Joe cobbling some piece of technology together to bring the dome down.

In this instance, it works. The dome comes down, the military seemingly kills everyone that’s infected by the Kinship and the survivors live happily ever after, spouting the story given to them by the government of how the dome was all an experiment by Aktion to find a groundbreaking new form of energy — none of this nonsense about aliens and the Kinship.

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In the final frames, however, it’s revealed that the Kinship members are being kept in a government facility and Dawn is out walking around, tasking her young students with finding a new egg. Presumably so she can move forward with her master plan of starting the experiment over again under a new dome — which is coming to CBS summer 2018.

Kidding, kidding.

But it’s definitely a rather unsatisfying ending with the added bonus of a cliffhanger because the producers didn’t know it was canceled when they filmed this episode. It’s also fairly frustrating for book fans (though their frustrations began long ago) because the show ended up going so insanely off the rails from Stephen King’s novel.

Overall, what did you think, “Under the Dome” fans? Do you wish the show was coming back? Vote below.

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