aly raisman 2012 summer olympics Women's gymnastics results: Aly Raisman soars, Jordyn Wieber stumbles on Summer Olympics qualifying dayThe following piece has results from the women’s gymnastics qualifying rounds, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. Also, there are two subdivisions left to compete, so these results are only based on the first three sets of countries.

In a rather surprising upset, the two U.S. women vying for the individual all-around will be Gabby Douglas (as expected) and Aly Raisman (not as expected, pictured above). In fact, Raisman currently leads the entire women’s field with her overall individual score of 60.391.

Douglas is second with a 60.265 and Jordyn Wieber, who was considered neck-and-neck with Douglas as the favorite for the women’s all-around title, had a less-than-stellar (for her) qualifying day and has been knocked out of the individual all-around competition because each country can only have two gymnasts compete.

What is really unfair is that Wieber’s 60.032 is third in the standings across all countries. The top three women’s individual scores go Raisman, Douglas, Wieber, followed by Vanessa Ferrari of Italy at more than two full points behind Wieber. But because of the rules, Wieber’s out. She was visibly trying not to break down in the arena after Raisman’s stunning floor exercise put her into the top spot for the U.S.

Wieber had a tough day — again, for her. Her scores are still scores most gymnasts would kill for. But on the floor exercise, she stepped out of bounds and her score was nearly a full point lower than her Olympic Trials score, and on the beam, she was a full .275 lower than her average Trials score.

It’s a heartbreaking turn of events for Wieber, but Aly Raisman also competed her heart out Sunday and fully deserves to be happy about her top finish. She and Gabby Douglas will still be excellent representatives for the U.S. and the real shame is that countries can’t have as many competitors in individual all-around as qualify. Because Wieber will most likely finish near the top of the individual heap and yet be left out.

In the team standings, to nobody’s surprise, the U.S. has a commanding lead with 181.836, which tops Great Britain’s second-place score by over 11 points. There are still several countries, including China and Russia, to compete in the qualifying round, but expect the U.S. score to stay at or near the top.

In the qualifying, each team competes on all four apparatuses and must put forth four gymnasts on each, using the top three scores out of the four gymnasts. For the U.S., it broke down as follows: On vault (in order from highest to lowest), it was Douglas, McKayla Maroney and Wieber whose scores were used. On bars, it was Douglas, Kyla Ross and Wieber. On beam, it was Douglas, Raisman and Ross. On floor it was Raisman, Wieber and Douglas.

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