jerry lawler monday night raw usa 325 WWE's Jerry 'The King' Lawler: 'I always intended to be an artist'[Editor’s Note: This conversation took place before Jerry Lawler’s Sept. 10 heart attack]

Zap2it: For fans, this likely needs no explanation, but for others, how do you explain the appeal of wrestling?

Jerry Lawler: It is almost impossible to explain what wrestling means to different individuals. What type of person watches Monday Night Raw”? The great thing for us it runs the entire gamut. It goes from very, very young to very, very old. I have had people come up to me and say, “I used to watch but I grew out of it.” How do you grow out of being entertained? It is a combination of so many things like a pyrotechnic show. All the things that go on in an athletic event and a little bit like a soap opera, and you get to know these superstars on a personal level and that is part of the big appeal — they can invest in the show.

Zap2it: Why and when were you lured into the ring in the first place?

Jerry Lawler: When I went to high school, here in Memphis in the late ’60s, we didn’t even have a wrestling program. … I was a huge wrestling fan. I grew up loving comic books and superheroes.

Zap2it: What were your other interests?

Jerry Lawler: I always intended to be an artist. I’ve got to finish doing a new series of WWE cards that I have hand drawn.

Zap2it: How often do you wrestle?

Jerry Lawler: I always have my gear with me, every Monday night. I get to the show on Monday afternoon. And they say, ‘King do you have your gear with you?’ Of course! I average twice a week.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler