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Technically, the second episode of the revived “The X-Files” — Monday’s (Jan. 25) “Founder’s Mutation” — was a standalone episode. That said, it certainly has its roots in the show’s overall mythology and may be the key to discovering the character arc creator Chris Carter tells Zap2it is central to this season.

“What we have done is create a character arc from [episodes] one to six, so everything is a piece,” Carter explains. What he wouldn’t say is who the character was. If “Founder’s Mutation” is any indication though, it’s William — the son Scully and Mulder gave up for adoption during the original series.

The two decided William wasn’t safe from the government after he started developing powers that could only be explained as extraterrestrial. Now, with the overall mythology of the show coming unraveled — and Mulder and Scully realizing everything about the conspiracy they’ve been chasing may lead back to the government — the existence of William is taking center stage.

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After discovering in the first new episode of the show that she has alien DNA in her system, Scully has been focused on what would have become of William since he was a baby. Now at 15 years old, she can’t help but wonder if he still exhibits extraterrestrial traits.

For the first time, you see Mulder’s side of the relationship — and it’s a heartbreaking one. In a series of dreams, he’s seen raising his son and helping him build model rockets. In Mulder’s mind, William wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up.

Sadly, both Mulder and Scully envision devastating ends for their child. For Mulder, that means witnessing an abduction almost identical to his sister’s as a child, while Scully’s mind wanders to his alien DNA being dominant.

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While whatever this means for the standalone episodes remains to be seen, clearly he’s going to play a big role, as they try to figure out whether he was an experiment.

Firstly though, they’re going to have to find him. Given that his adoption was carried out in secret and his location is hidden, that’s going to be quite the task to carry out. Still, they’re his parents — when his future is on the line, who’s going to stop Mulder and Scully?

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