Gillian Anderson in the X-Files revival

It was previously revealed in an “X-Files” featurette that Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) son will at least be mentioned in the six-episode revival. Now Anderson reveals to Zap2it that viewers may even get to meet him.

“We get to hear a lot about William. You may even see him a little bit,” teases Anderson with a smile. She adds that having given her son up for adoption is a big part of who Scully is now in the show’s universe.

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“It affects her a lot, it’s a big conversation through the series. William is very, very present through all of these episodes. It’s emotional for her.”

Carter previously revealed that while the show was “always very vague about how [the son] happened, since there was no apparent time or place where the child could have been conceived,” William becomes “a larger question” as the show moves forward.

Anderson also added that William brings up “some incredibly interesting, profound subject matters about family, abandonment, life, unanswered questions.

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