Hot times, summer in the city, and the ladies of “Younger” are getting down and dirty. Liza’s (Sutton Foster) all oiled/Vaseline-d (?) up with Josh (Nico Tortorella), Diana (Miriam Shor) is exploring an assortment of flavors of the week, Kelsey’s (Hilary Duff) jumping into a hot and heavy new relationship — and Maggie (Debi Mazar) broke out of hers, heading to the Hamptons to get her freak on.

On this steamy “Summer Friday,” these women are all trying to prove their commitment to these choices — to others, but mostly to themselves.

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Josh has been game for almost anything and has handled Liza’s secrets and compartmentalized life with understanding and grace. That being said, even the most supportive partner has their limits, and his disappointment in not being Liza’s “first” in any way is certainly understandable… yet something that she can’t help. Luckily, and pluckily, she figures out a “first” Josh can guide her through: While an hourglass back tattoo might not be the solution to all their problems (and may very well last longer than their courtship), it’s a sweet gesture — even though, unlike the tat, this fix is not permanent and “living in the now” is not going to nullify their relationship problems, just postpone them.

Kelsey shows an uncharacteristic-yet-charming lack of restraint and professionalism in promoting her new flame’s novel. Her ambition — for Millennial, for Colin, for herself — is going into overdrive: In the words of Liza: “Zombies?! And a three-picture deal?!”

Kelsey is overzealous and foolhardy in her dealings with the ever-obnoxious Emily and “Entertainment Weekly,” and should have prioritized protecting herself and her imprint over pimping Colin’s possible next great American novel — but her excitement comes from a place of true care; one of Kelsey’s most endearing personality traits is her genuine support of, and confidence in, the people she loves. In this case it looks like that confidence might be paying off more for Colin than for Kelsey herself, but she’s believable when she tells him she would never hold him back. Pop that champagne, girl — hope you truly mean what you’re saying to this dude you’ve been dating for a couple weeks!

Digging into Diana’s personal life has proven a treasure trove of delightful B-stories for “Younger,” a welcome departure from the all business, no pleasure Diana from Seasons 1 and 2. (And for the Miriam Shor fans out there, who know exactly what she can do, it’s a necessary correction.) Obviously letting a semi-homeless therapist crash in her opulent apartment after two dates isn’t going to pan out, but Diana’s so intent on proving she can change and break through her icy boundaries that she’ll probably ride this one out in spite of herself. At least for another episode or so.

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Between Maggie’s Hamptons escapades and Diana’s episodic sexcapades, “Younger” continues last week’s summertime “Sex & the City” vibes. It’s a good source of comic relief to balance out Millennial’s business-minded plotlines and Liza’s romantic entanglements. Throw in some sexy samba soundtrack and we’re good to go.

But lastly, and most importantly: Are there really swimsuit vending machines in New York?!

“Younger” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land.

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