You're the Worst Season 2 premiere

In the first season of FXX’s standout comedy “You’re the Worst,” the series’ main characters ruin a wedding, steal a bookstore cat and announce pregnancy plans to further a sibling rivalry.

Season 2 is sure to continue the show’s hilarious track record of bad people doing awful things for selfish reasons — all the while making main characters Gretchen (Aya Cash), Jimmy (Chris Geere), Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and Edgar (Desmin Borges) more endearing to audiences.

When the new season premieres on Sept. 9, Grethen and Jimmy are still trying to figure out what being in a committed relationship while Lindsay deals with her upcoming divorce and Edgar deals with his intense new crush on Lindsay. Since that’s a launching pad for what are sure to be many more excellent misadventures, the stars and creator of “You’re the Worst” shared with Zap2it the funniest scenes they can’t wait for viewers to see in Season 2.

Aya Cash – Gretchen

You're the Worst Gretchen Jimmy GIF

“The writers have given me some amazing things to do this season. I can’t really give much away. There are moments, though, where I was like, “Remember when I signed on for a comedy?” [laughs] So there definitely are some darker moments.

“My favorite moment reading Season 2 — and I can’t say what it is — but Lindsay has an amazing scene, just her, that is one of the funniest, grossest, most ridiculous things I’ve ever read, and I can’t believe they’re going to show it on television.”

Chris Geere – Jimmy

“The finale. There is a sequence of scenes where all of the characters from the entire show are at Becca (Janet Varney) and Vernon’s (Todd Robert Anderson) house, so you imagine the dynamic. The interactions between everyone are hilarious. Imagine that, but Jimmy is drunk — like super, super drunk.

“It was so much fun to play. I’ve never got so messy. I’ve never got so loud and obnoxious. It was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had because it’s written, ‘Jimmy shouts this’ or ‘Jimmy sings this’ or ‘Jimmy falls over.’ Without a doubt, can’t wait. So much goes on in that episode in terms of the story and the weaving in and out of closing out these narratives, and to do that drunk was more fun than I’ve ever had in a long time.”

Kether Donohue – Lindsay

You're the Worst Lindsay GIF

“OK, I can’t give it away, but what you’re seeing about the condom [in episode 2], that leads somewhere very, very, very, very, very, very crazy, and it was very fun to shoot. Lindsay should just be in a mental institution. They shouldn’t let her outside. [laughs]”

Desmin Borges – Edgar

“There’s an improv comedy barbecue that [Edgar] goes to, and we all know how he’s scared of large groups and anything that’s fun, basically. He gets so messed up that he creates his own character to interact with everyone, and he goes a little f***ing ballistic.”

Creator Stephen Falk

“[You meet] Jimmy’s family, his horrible English trash family — more than his dad, his sisters. He has three sisters, and they all come. That’s really, really fun. I really enjoy Gretchen’s rap beef that she cultivates between her group and tries to solve, which she’s not good at. Edgar basically enrolls in UCB. We got amazing comic, sketch and improv actors to play these improvers. We have a lot of fun with improv comedy, because I’m not a big fan of it.

“I’m incredibly excited about Lindsay’s journey vis-a-vis Paul and Paul’s girlfriend. Paul’s girlfriend is a delight. Her name is Amy, she’s a female-Paul and they are probably the cutest couple on the planet, and we seek to destroy them. They just love the same things and they’re living in a tent. … Paul has a three-page monologue about a background actor that we saw how she died in this really gruesome way.

“We see Vernon at work at the hospital. If you actually pause it, because we do a lot of detail jokes, look at all the diplomas. He went to the worst medical schools, like Barbados Medical School. Just fake, the worst medical schools.”

“You’re the Worst” Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz