At this point, “You’re the Worst” has boiled down happiness-with-a gut punch to a science. That was never more evident than in the Season 3 finale, when a happy ending became a terrifying reminder that regardless of any growing they’ve done, these people are literally the worst.

It’s a reminder that you wouldn’t expect most would need. After all, “You’re the Worst” has show time and again that its main characters regularly make self-destructive choices and are horrible to each other with little regard for what the future may hold.

Still, when Jimmy (Chris Geere) proposed to Gretchen (Aya Cash), our hearts were soaring. And why wouldn’t they? He pieced together the perfect proposal for the woman he loved and after the rough times these two have been through — clinical depression and dead parents are no walk in the park — this is what Gretchen and Jimmy deserve for the growing they’ve done.

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Lest you forget though, that doesn’t matter. “You’re the Worst” isn’t a show about happy endings. It’s more concerned with telling the compelling story of these broken people to the best of it ability.

Yet still, the moment the word “family” crossed Gretchen’s lips and you saw Jimmy’s smile slightly falter, you knew exactly what was happening and your heart caved in on itself. Meanwhile Gretchen kept talking as Jimmy silently spiraled out of control, eventually leaving her stranded on a hill during a fireworks display.

That’s because in their hearts, as much as these characters have grown over three seasons, they rely on impulse above everything else. Creator Stephen Falk explained as much when he previously told us, “I’m not sure that these characters would be the same with a whole lot of introspection. If they were really thoughtful people who didn’t act impulsively on any whim they have, I’m not sure they would be as fun to watch. Nor would they be them.”

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That’s who these characters are. They’re impulsive and messy and real. That’s why viewers have fallen in love with them — and hold on for dear life as they go down any number of emotional rabbit holes.

However, that’s also why we’re still caught by surprise in moments like this. We want better for these characters and Falk has created these incredible situations that make you believe these people are headed for better lives. It’s not going to happen. What’s more, if it did the show would be over.

The premise of “You’re the Worst” is following these people, each of whom could actually be considered the worst for a variety of reasons. We want them to have happy endings eventually but giving it to them out of the blue — regardless of how much they’ve evolved over the years — would be dishonest to the show.

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This isn’t a show you come to for happiness and cheer. Instead, “You’re the Worst” is the place you go when you want to laugh harder than you ever have before while being incredibly uncomfortable and — at times — very sad. And that’s what it will continue to be as long as FXX and Falk decide to give it to us.

But hey, who knows? Maybe once they’re ready to wrap the show up they can give somebody a happy ending. Cross your fingers and hope that it’s Edgar (Desmin Borges). The poor guy deserves it.

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