Zac Efron visited Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday (Jan. 21) to promote his new film, "Dirty Grandpa."

In the interview, Efron talks about the four movies he'll be appearing in this year and all the traveling he got to do. But while he's a huge movie star now, the actor has not forgotten his musical theater roots.

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This week finds "High School Musical" turning ten years old, which is an odd thing to wrap one's head around. To help process this info, Kimmel unveiled some old footage of Efron playing Snoopy in an old high school musical. Talk about irony.

Ever seen a dog do the moonwalk? Probably not.

But according to Efron, that move killed back then. Then, appealing to the cheering fans, he proved the classic Michael Jackson dance move can still slay as he busted it out in front of the audience before cutting to commercial.

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