fandom wars hannibal winner 2014 nbc Zap2it TV 'Fandom Wars': 'Hannibal's' Fannibals devour the competitionFour genres. 64 shows. Almost 1 million total votes.

Our 2014 “Fandom Wars” proved that fans will turn out, and in big numbers, to prove their love for their show and their community to everyone online. 

So what fandom came out on top this year?
It was close, but in the end, the “Hannibal” fandom, propelled with help from the show’s writers, producers and official accounts, came out on top over the “Arrow” fandom, 53% to 47%.
The final round voting breakdown was as follows:
“Hannibal” — 236,396 votes
“Arrow” — 206,890 votes
Of note: Out of the staggering 811,245 votes cast since “Fandom Wars” began on Sept. 7, “Fannibals” votes were a whopping 321,642 of them. That’s more than a third of all the votes, for all the shows.
We think you deserve … a nice dinner.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson